Public Domain Photo by Harris & Ewing, circa 1909

International ITaKA Shakespeare Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia


has been invited to premiere

our BRAND NEW original production of... 


The MOOR The Merrier

JULY 4, 2023

​at the

10th Annual

International ITAKA ShakespeAre Festival 



To make this extraordinary opportunity a reality

we need a little bit of extra help...

** The $25 Drive **

To cover last minute unexpected 

airfare costs and artists fees 

we are seeking

100 people

from our loving network of 

friends, colleagues, and family 

to donate a minimum of 

$25 each = $2500 

in 25 Days

End Date is June 6

(Larger contributions are also welcome ;-)) 


From Public Domain Photo: Sasha Stone, circa 1931. Source  Villa Grisebach Auktionen

We Have 3 Easy Options for How to Make Your $25 -or More- Contribution 

 Public Domain Photo of Funny Fred Hall Photo by Taney & Co. Norwich, England, 1885

1.)  If you have a PAY-PAL account, use this email:

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3.) If your bank has ZELLE use 716-208-6583


If you prefer to make a

 Tax-Deductible contribution of $250 or more

Please keep reading... 

If You'd Prefer to Make a Tax-Deductible Contribution of $250 or More

From Public Domain Photo of Funny Fred Hall Photo by Taney & Co. Norwich, UK 1885

To Make a Tax-Deductible 



of $250 or MORE

Please CLICK HERE to be directed to 

the donation page of

 our Fiscal Sponsor, THE FIELD 

and follow their prompts



AFTER OTHELLO is an original dark-comedy featuring the often-forgotten role of The Clown from Shakespeare's play,

The Tragedy of Othello,The Moor of Venice.


Currently unemployed, and having seen far better days, The Clown takes us on a comical, absurd, and sometimes searing search to uncover the truth behind the motives and murders in this famous, brutal, and controversial tragedy.


AFTER OTHELLO questions our notions of

honesty, jealousy, complicity, evil, and othering.


Written & Directed by Gia Forakis

Performed by GF&CO Founding Member Actors

Adam Boncz (Hungary)

Juju Stulbach (Brazil/Mexico)


Original Concept by Gia Forakis & Adam Boncz

Assistant Director & Assistant Dramaturg, GF&CO Member

Darya Gauthier

$25 Drive Contributors as of May 19

Katrina Foy, Alexander Thomas, Katie Malnati, Jeff Mills, Walker West , Cesar Alonso, Jullie Chung, Amanda Salchow, Mark Lyons, Paul Alan Smith, Rachel Trumper Debasitis, Jozeph Forakis, Robby Henson, Rob Yampolsky, Peter Stewart Raphaele Shirley, Lily Filippi,  Michael Morrison, Amy Young Harlo, Katy Goldizen, Jonah Maidoff. Stephanie Shayne, Sara Lampert-Hoover, Ninon Rogers , Theodora Loukas, John Wender, and Judith Yampolsky in Loving Memory of Gia's Cherished Uncle, Jack Yampolsky 

The ITAKA Shakespeare Festival

is a member of the European Shakespeare Festivals Network 


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GF&CO Advisory Board:

Susan Bernfield, Kristin Marting, and Beth Morrison


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