Making an In-Kind Contribution of Good or Services

As a Not-for-Profit Organization, GF&CO is able to offer tax-deductions on any IN-KIND donations of Goods or Services?

  • Do you run a business or have access to resources that may benefit GF&CO?
  • Do you have office equipment or computers you are updating?
  • Do you run a business or a service that you would like to donate?
  • Do you have space we can use for rehearsals, events, office space, storage space, that you would be happy to donate in exchange for a tax-deduction?
  • Are you a video or Film Editor that would be interested in building your resume and editing our production videos?
  • Is your mother a BOOK KEEPER?
  • Is your your sister a LAWYER?
  • Is your brother-in-law a FLORIST?
  • Do you run a COPY CENTER?
  • Do you have space that you are eager to offer as a Tax-Deduction for our rehearsals, workshops or events?
  • See our Wish list below

GF&CO can offer you a Tax Deduction on Goods or Services you may provide.

See our Current WISH LIST below, or contact us and let us know what you may have to offer.


  • A case of WINE for our Special Events & Salon Series
  • CATERING of our Special Events & Salon Series
  • East Village or Union Sq. REHEARSAL SPACE


(In-Kind Donations)

  • Free Rehearsal Space, The Andrews Organization.
  • A Case of Wine, Matthew & Carolyn Lee
  • Photography, Bill Bernstein (www.BillBernstein.com)
  • Video and Photo Documentation- Mr & Mrs Gerasimanko
  • Graphic Design, Bryan Howell
  • Catering Assistance: Julie Milliron
  • Event Catering by The Garden, Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY
  • Event Catering by Seven Hills CafĂ©
  • Event Catering, Anonymous
  • Folding Chairs & Tables, Anonymous
  • Digital Video Camera, Anonymous
  • GF&CO | OTOA's Artistic Home-Office-Studio: Bernard Roth

Production Assistance VOLUNTEERS:

Hosting, Photo/Video Documentation, Set-Up, Strike,

Volunteers receive discounts on OTOA Introduction Workshops


Darya Gauthier, Assoc. Artistic Director


Check Back Soon & See How Wishes Can Come True!