MARCH 2018

Everything You Need to Know To Submit Your Proposal For...


GF&CO is bringing back our Salon format

-the original forum that launched the company in 2011 -but this time with a new twist!

The GF&CO Art Salon is a FREE

curated social event in our Brooklyn Studio

featuring the works of 2-3 NYC Artists

Visual Artists, Performing Artists, Musicians, Writers, Poets, Playwrights, Collaborators, Installation Artists, and others...

are invited to submit salon proposals by/before:


Selections will be announced


From Wikipedia

"A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host,

held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste

and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation…"

The Event: Saturday March 24, 5:00 - 9:00pm

The Location: GF&CO | OTOA Parkway Place Studio, South-West Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY

Address: 233 Ocean Parkway, STE 3A, Brooklyn, NY 11218

Attend as a Guest RSVP to: Darya Gauthier, GF&CO Assoc. Artistic Director

To Apply: See Details Below





Re-Envisioning the Creative Process, One Thought and One Action at a Time


GF&CO Art Salons are an extension of our mission for the experimentation, application and advancement of One-Thought-One-Action (OTOA)™ through art, performance and ritual.

This is a curated, one-day, social event that engages and expands a sense of community across a variety of artistic platforms, and continues our ongoing dialogue in creative life practice within an intimate and welcoming setting.


· Saturday, March 24, 2018

· 5:00pm - 9:00pm

· Light refreshments provided by GF&CO

· It is possible that performance works might be presented twice in the course of this event (TBD)


· Our Studio is a modest sized room-- that feels spacious and airy.

· The room has 8 recessed ceiling light fixtures on two separate dimmer switches (60 watt bulbs)

· It has a SONOS sound system with 3 ceiling speakers

· This is a NO SHOES Space: Everyone is required to remove their shoes


· See Floor Plan CLICK HERE


Below are some guidelines for submitting your proposal. Guidelines will vary for each medium, and, because this is our first Art Salon in this space, we’re sure to forget something.

We suggest you use the following as a starting point for your proposal. If you don’t see answers to your questions here, please feel free to contact us with your questions before you make your submission (

Artists are free to submit up to 3 proposals at one time.

Primarily we are looking for:

· NYC -Based Artists (in any medium)

· Works that are small to moderate in size and scope

· Works that somehow fit this year’s theme: One Thought One Action in Action (open to interpretation)

· Works of 2-3 artists that we feel will benefit one another in the space

· WORKS ON PAPER (see details below)

· LIVE MUSIC (“original” or “adapted”) 10-20 min. (un-mic’d)

· READINGS (Poetry, Scenes Scripts) 10-20 min. (un-mic’d)

· PERFORMANCE ART that is 10-20 min. (un-mic’d)


· DIGITAL WORKS/ART VIDEOS 10-20 min. in length

· OTHER MEDIUMS-- We are open to your ideas!

· Projects will be easy to set up and easy to cleanup

General Requirements:

· Selected artists must be present for length of the entire Salon (Saturday, March 24, 5-9pm)

· Selected artists will be responsible for sending out their own invitations to their network and encouraging a minimum of 12 people from their community to attend (from our experience: to assure 12 you need to invite 24).

  • Selected artists are responsible for loading in, setting up, and loading out their projects, AND/OR casting readers, performers, or musicians and paying any associated stipends to their collaborators.

Installation Requirements: Load In & Load Out:

· Artist must set up & strike their own project (NOTE: we are happy to assist in all installation activities, but if heavy lifting is required, artist must provide someone to help)

· All projects must be set up & taken down (loaded in & loaded out) on the day of the event

· Artist must provide their own transportation to and from studio

· On Day of Event the Studio will be open from 10:00am onward

· Entire installation must be completed by 2:30pm on day of event

· Our building has a small passenger-sized elevator

· For more complicated exhibits we can discuss loading in the day before, or loading out the day afterwards -- pending availability, and requested at time of application.

What We Provide:

· A forum for sharing and exhibiting work within a safe and supportive environment

· Light Refreshments

· Printed program for guests with details/titles/medium of the work you are exhibiting, prices if applicable, contact info, a short bio, and order of salon events

· Your Bio Posted on our website

· A Shared Network: After the event we will provide Exhibiting Artists with the Guest List & contact information, based upon the contact information that each guest provides upon their arrival to the Salon.

What We Offer:

· An opportunity to try out or share new material

· Experiment or refresh old material

· Re-contextualize your current project under our Art Salon Theme: One Thought One Action in Action

· Awaken your network

· Expand your network

· An intimate forum for dialogue and engagement



· Small Format

· Un-framed or Lightweight Frames (NO GLASS: NO EXCEPTIONS)

· Each work should not exceed 1.5 lbs = 24 ounces

· No Nails, Screws, or Paint can be used on studio walls, ceiling, or floor (NO EXCEPTIONS)

· Suggested methods for hanging include: double sided tape, painter’s tape, or "3M COMMAND" products available at most hardware stores or on Amazon (damage free hanging options)

We Have Two Possible Exhibit Walls

Exhibit Wall Dimensions:

· See Floor Plan CLICK HERE


· No Nails, Screws, or Paint can be used on any studio wall, ceiling, or studio floor (NO EXCEPTIONS)

· See Floor Plan CLICK HERE

If you would like to exhibit sculptural works of art, include medium and dimensions, and if you will be providing "pedestals" to exhibit them.

Possible use of Balcony for Installations or Sculpture

Balcony Details:

· Visible to Street: Faces Front of the Building

· Railing: black steel frame with clear glass panes

· Balcony Area Approx. 3’5”D x 10’W

· Visible Area From Inside Studio (seen through glass balcony door way) Approx. 8’5”W x 7’H

· Two Outdoor Ceiling Light Fixtures (light switches inside studio) 60 watts each.

· One Outdoor Electrical Outlet (regular residential: 2 grounded female outlets)

· Gray Deck Tiles

· No Nails, Screws, or Paint can be used on any balcony wall, ceiling, or deck tiles (NO EXCEPTIONS)


1. If performers are needed for your reading, GF&CO can offer assistance in casting.

2. Stipends for readers/actors must be provided by the primary artist --GF&CO is happy to help estimate these costs with you

3. If a pre-Salon rehearsal is necessary GF&CO will work with you to schedule time in the studio.

4. Please address all 3 of the items listed above in your proposal


· Our space is best suited for stationary performance, “talking heads”, or scenes with minimal movement, and only 1-3 people on “in action” at a time.

· Please discuss the scope of your project and number of people “in action” in your proposal.

· Please include a description of any props/materials you will need for your project in your proposal.

· No Nails, Screws, or Paint can be used on studio walls, ceiling or floor, and no shoes (NO EXCEPTIONS)


Viewing Options:

· Video Projector (we can provide viewing surface options: TBD)

· Computer Screen Viewing (You must provide Computer. We can provide Logitech Computer Speakers)

· It can be viewed on our Samsung Ultra HD Smart TV (UN60KU6300FXZA 4K). Manufacturer’s Speaker System. Viewable dimensions: 29”H X 52” W. REQUIREMENT: Your content must be accessible on YouTube

· Please discuss viewing option for your project in your proposal


· SONOS Sound System- 3 Ceiling Speakers

· 10 Folding Chairs

· 1 Folding Table (approx. 5’L x 2’5”W)

· 4 Black Music Stands

· 4 Black Stools

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: Midnight, Tuesday February 20

SELECTIONS ANNOUNCED: Tuesday, February 27

Selections will be made depending on who else applies, how we think they will fit the space, and how we think they will work together with the other works being presented.


GF&CO Assoc. Artistic Director, Darya Gauthier

Include the following information attached as a Word Doc

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Snail-Mail Address (optional)
  • PROPOSED PROJECT & MEDIUM (500 Words or less)
  • Please include the following as it applies to your project: approximate amount of set up time, installation needs (such as materials, approx. dimensions, technical, electrical, digital or mechanical needs); if it is a performative project what is its estimated duration of time, number of people?
  • Your Bio (300 Words or less)
  • Any images that support your proposal (3-5 LOW RESOLUTION images), or links to websites, or video URL.
  • How your project illuminates our theme (150 Words or less): One Thought One Actin in Action
  • If you would like to price your work to sell at the event, or if you have related materials you would like to bring for sale (such as: CD's, books, post cards, other...)-- and list what these materials would be.
  • How you will go about inviting your guests to the event--and encouraging a minimum of 12 people to attend?
  • Please include "Art Salon" in Subject of your email

We look forward to receiving your submission!