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GF&CO Auditions

GF&CO is currently developing a new and original

OTOA-based performance project.

To advance this project,

and our short term and long term goals,

GF&CO will be holding a full day of

Auditions for Performing Artists

in a wide age range: from 20 - 65

This will be an exciting and unique,

full day, ensemble-based, audition experience,

that includes a mini-introduction to OTOA PTT,

and incorporates text from our new project.


Submissions Are Open

We are currently accepting submissions

Audition Participants Announced


Audition Date

2018 Audition Dates TBD

See Submission Instructions Below

Audition Time

1:00 - 5:30pm


Space is Limited

Application/Submission is Required

Important Note:

A commitment to the entire 4-1/2 hour audition is required

Auditions are open to:

Ages 20 - 65

Any Gender

Any Ethnicity

Particularly Seeking Men 55-65

Non-Union & Union members

What you need to know...

The Relationship Between GF&CO and OTOA

GF&CO is dedicated to the application of the

OTOA Performance Technique & Training (PTT)™

GF&CO consists of a roster of actors, performing artists

and associates who are active professionals

currently working in theater, film and television,

who have introduced, studied or trained in OTOA PTT

Because GF&CO projects are dedicated to the application of OTOA PTT,

periodically we expand our performing artist base

to expand and enrich our team of company members

in the development of new projects.

Qualifications & Criteria:

1. You have an interest or background in "Movement for the stage," or a background in dance or choreography, or a background in physical theater.

2. You are interested in the application of OTOA Performance Technique & Training (PTT)™ (

3. You are interested in becoming a GF&CO Associate Member.

GF&CO Associate Membership is an entirely free, without dues and without any restrictions on your own, ongoing professional projects. GF&CO Associate Membership includes opportunities for casting and participation in GF&CO events, projects, productions, and ongoing complimentary OTOA study & trainings. GF&CO Associate Membership are professional theater artists who consider GF&CO membership to be an enriching and meaningful extension of their creative practice and community.

3 Step Submission Instructions:


Before you submit your application please become familiar what we do by looking and our sister enterprises: and


Please send an email to

Darya Gauthier, GF& CO Assoc. Artistic Director

In your email please include the following:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Phone Number
  • Your Snail-Mail Address (optional)
  • How You Heard About GF&CO Auditions
  • A Few Words About Yourself
  • Please Attach Your Headshot & Resume
  • Please include "Audition" in Subject of your email


We will contact actors selected to participate

in the ensemble-based Audition, with Audition Dates & Details

on how to prepare and the address of our Brooklyn-based space.

If you have further questions please contact:

GF&CO Associate Artistic Director, Darya Gauthier: